Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupy the Floor

Just the other day, I was reading a book called The Millionaire's Handbook, which supposed to be a guide to faking it until you make it and presenting yourself as one of the 1%. I'm pretty happy that I only borrowed it from the Amazon Prime Lending Library and didn't have to actually pay for it, because so far, the advice is fairly ridiculous. I'm not going to start trolling laundromats in hopes that some millionaire who doesn't own their own washer and dryer has left an Armani catalog behind so I can snag it for free and learn how to dress.

There actually is a reason I am talking about the "book" in a SL blog - lo and behold the author briefly referenced Second Life and SL fashion! This got me wondering if the author is a SLifer, too. After all, she must know a little about SL to talk about the shopping fix you can get from buying virtual fashion.

Anyway, this is a photo of me, taking the "author"'s advice and living it up by wearing my colorful, trendy virtual fashion - while in RL, I am dressed in severe head to toe black and not letting anyone important examine my watch too closely.

I am also living it up virtually by drinking coffee on my the floor. You can't drink coffee on the floor in RL because you will choke or burn your face off. Burning your face off will apparently cause you to be shunned by the 1% almost as much as not subscribing to Vanity Fair.

This blog post is also my demonstration of just how festive a Linden home can be if you are willing to forgo things like seating and decor. This tree may be the only thing we can fit into the house, but if it was a sex tree (which it is not) Jerremy and I would be totally set until Boxing Day, at least. Or the end of Kwanza. Maybe even Three Kings Day. What I am trying to say is, please, someone, make a sex Christmas tree.

Because I am sure the 1% didn't get to be the 1% by buying things that only do one thing at a time. I'm pretty sure that if I had read the whole stupid Millionaire's Handbook that advice would have been in there, too.

Friday, November 11, 2011

A Dirty Mesh

I'm impatiently waiting for Vintage Fair to open to the riff raff. Do you think anyone is going to interpret 'vintage' as 'colonial'? because I can really use some Pilgrim-style things. My typist has the day off of work today, so all I have to do is kill time. I'll just stay here and flip through blogs and make up lists of things I need for Thanksgiving.

In RL I need a cute new apron, centerpieces, a good book of Mad Libbs, Advent calendars as favors for kids, Christmas ornaments to tie around the napkins, foodstuffs, etc. In SL, I just need slut-wear. My handsome husband Jerremy has already given me a figurative pat on the head for putting out a stuffed turkey on our porch. Since we can't spare any more prims for decoration (unless we want to give up our grown up furniture) that is as festive as things are going to get around the house. Costumes are a different story! I had an awesome slutty pilgrim outfit last year. This year, I want a new, technologically advanced slutty pilgrim outfit! With, like, mesh buckles that will be all meshy and nasty! And a bonnet that is rigged! Rigged hard! Oh, yea!

To be honest, I'm still not clear on what the benefits of mesh are. But, I have high hopes that mesh = highly detailed, pilgrim sexiness.


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