Thursday, January 12, 2012

$h!t Girl Avatars Say

"Ugh - I really need to sort my inventory.

"FATPACK! ...I want those shoes! ...The new hair is out! Squee!! ...Where is that dress from? ...Is that a group gift? ...Why is there no fatpack option? ...My inventory is out of control.

"OMG. That girl has the same outfit as me! Twinsies!  Thief! She stole my look! ...Ugh, no. It's got an invisiprim... Is he an alt? ...Is there a demo? ...Look at my boobs in this shirt. ...Who wants to clean my inventory?

"TP me. ...Will you TP me? ...I don't have a landmark, can you just TP me? ...TP, please! ...I just sent you a TP. ...Will someone TP me?

"Prim babies are soooo creepy... Goreans are creepy... Furries are creepy... Lindens are creepy... I'm going to buy a prim baby. Soooooo cute! 

"Were you AFK or were you ignoring me? ...He had a freenis!!!! Ewww!! ...I got hit on when I was in a store today. Ewwww! ...I love being single in SL. ...I hate being single in SL...I should just marry my alt. ...I can't find anything in my inventory.

"Are my boobs too big? ...What do you think of this skin on me? ...I think my avatar is fat. ...I need a new skin. ...Are my boobs too small? ...Do you think her avatar is pretty? I'm prettier, right? ... Do you think my arms are too short? ...I decided to be a redhead. ...I'm just going to play with my sliders.

"I should just delete everything I own and start over."

Post Inspired by the meme inspired by Shit Girls Say 


  1. You crack me up!!! This is so true and sadly I think I fall into a lot of the stereotypes of this!

  2. Oh my god, SO TRUE. And hilarious. Beautifully done.

  3. OMG... *dies laughing* SOOO accurate. I will have to rethink my conversation.

  4. "I should just delete everything I own and start over."

  5. OMG that is so freakin hilarious cause it's true!!! lol

  6. You guys are all so sweet! Glad you enjoyed it!

  7. Fatpack? They're "Willow Packs" damn it! Squee! And yes, I've said most of those things.



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