Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The O.G.

The O.G. is back.

And by that, I mean the Original Group - The Second Life Blogger group. 

If you blog about SL, are tolerant of group chat, and wish to socialize with other people who enjoy blogging, contact any current member and they can send you an invitation to the group - just give them your name and blog URL. You can also send me your request to join at SLBloggersGroup@gmail.com.  We take 'em all - news bloggers, fashion bloggers, badly dressed bloggers, humor bloggers, ranting bloggers, blog feed owners, store bloggers, short bloggers, Linden bloggers, opinionated bloggers, lazy bloggers, etc. 

Since this is a social group, lively, respectful group chat is encouraged - just a heads up in case this would annoy you. We'll trade blogging tips, announce events of interest, share memes and blogger challenges, do shameless self-promoting, and more. We're bringing back the quarterly Meet-Up parties, too.

I set up a group Twitter and there is a group Flickr. Social media, FTW.

Because Jerremy and I have land elsewhere now, I turned our fancy, old Linden Home into an SL Blogger Headquarters/Clubhouse. Kind of like a 'home for wayward bloggers'. (The neighbors are going to love it!) This gives group members a casual place to hang out and meet each other. You can hold meetings in the clubhouse, grab a coffee or check out the group Twitter feed there. (It's the first time I've used web on a prim and it works soooooo well.) Perhaps you are looking for a little blogger-on-blogger action? Well, take *that* elsewhere, but feel to meet your next potential lover in the clubhouse!

If you have better decorating tips for the clubhouse, I'm open to them - I did the best I could with 117 prims and the contents of my inventory. And even if you don't have any decorating tips, maybe you can point me in the direction of a lower prim liquor shelf for the clubhouse. (Priorities.)


  1. Um... I took the battery out of the smoke alarm.

    (It was delicious.)


  2. This sounds great and I'm going to join up soon as I'm online next.

    But move out of the linden home. get a 560 (512+group) or 512 anywhere else. Lots of low prim building options now so it won't be trouble. I can donate a building if you really need one.

    My concern for the linden home is the covenant there is very restrictive about uses and a social venue might be problematic. A mainland 512 avoids all that and land is so cheap right now you can get one for less than $1 US...

    (for some reason it refuses to let me verify as Pussycat Catnap...)



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