Thursday, January 19, 2012

The World's Most Dangerous Zoo

This is me and a furry friend chillin' and waiting for my husband Jerremy to log in.  

Not only did I enjoy myself at my recent field trip to Zoo World, but I was able to use it to bump up my blog's Monkey Ratio. The Monkey Ratio is the percentage of monkeys to blog posts - an indicator of blog quality that I made up myself. According to my extensive research, my blog still has the highest monkey-to-post ratio of any Second Life related blog. That's saying something! (I am not sure what exactly it says.)

My Monkey Ratio started with a post examining why someone found this blog by Googling the phrase "monkey is watching us masturbating" and continued in various other posts for years. I'm not sure how other bloggers measure their success. I'll have to ask around. 

By the way, this zoo is super cute and a good place to take pictures. There's a big variety of animals here, too - including the dreaded South American Sloth. (Seriously, I know they are slow, but I find them really creepy. I'm certain they would kill me if they could only catch up to me.) Also, there is free cotton candy.

You should visit Zoo World - even despite the fact that it is very badly designed in terms of visitor safety. See below for evidence.

I mean, really! Really? Does this look safe to you?



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