Sunday, January 1, 2012

Your New Year's ResoSLution

I have a New Year's ResoSLution for you. Yes. Yours. Well, yours if you are still using a facelight.

Facelights are so 2008. Trust.

With the way the lighting in SL works now and the way skins have evolved since 2008, you don't need a facelight. Not to mention how annoying they are to everyone else around you. The glare follows you around like you are wearing a searchlight on your face. You are washing out everything (including your potentially lovely self) for everyone around you - which is incredibly bothersome for others, who then derender you. You are so pretty when you are derendered - all invisible and see-through and transparent!

For those who think facelights make you look pretty here is a little demonstration:

Here is what you could look like to everyone around you WITHOUT a facelight - using myself as an example:

And this is a picture I took of a polar bear eating marshmallows while standing in a snowstorm:

Not really. Polar bears *hate* marshmallows. But this is what a facelight wearer looks like to everyone around them! This photo was taken with a facelight made up of only 3 lights! I've seen some facelight addicts rez in with an entire solar system of lights around their heads.

Pretty girls don't need to wear facelights. (See what I did there? I am throwing down the gauntlet!) Help make SL beautiful -- ditch the facelight.


  1. Thanks! Although, I have friends though who still tell me that I'll have to pry their facelights out of their cold, dead hands. Sigh.



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