Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Does this barrel make me look fat?

How ironic is it that literally moments before The Lab is going to charge me $72 USD for another year of fun, that huge chunks of my inventory have gone missing. 

I happened to notice that my Party Items folder was missing when I went searching for beer for last Friday's blog picture. I keep kept all of my liquor in that folder, along with irreplaceable things like the party invitations I've made (including my crowning jewel: the Rat-vitation). It is was a huge folder full of amazing-ness.

Know what else is missing? My Lost & Found items folder. (Did I just blow your mind?) I only noticed the Lost & Found folder was missing when Chat Support asked me if the party folder was in there. Here are words you never want to hear from Support: "Wow. It's really, really bad to have a system folder go missing." Oh, I suppose you don't want to hear, "You are the father!" from them, either.

I've tried every inventory finding trick in the book including the really long shot method: filing a support ticket. But, so far, nothing has helped. 

What I am really trying to say here is that I hope none of you are letting Linden Lab babysit your children, watch your coat, save your place in line, or hold your earrings during a fist fight. They simply can't be trusted not to lose things. 

Well, I am off to restock - and then consume - my liquor supply. Meantime, if you want to help me feel better, you could go here and give my love poem a Kudo.  


  1. I posted several times on missing inventory - here's my last comment on it:
    “When is it socially acceptable to constantly lose data from a database?”

    That’s large and centered for a reason! IT IS NEVER SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE but for some reason I, and many other residents, have gotten what I laughingly call “Windows Syndrome” with Second Life inventory loss. Windows Syndrome is essentially when you open some program and it crashes for no good reason and your IT person is like, “That just happens” and suddenly things just don’t work right sometimes and it’s just ‘how it is’. That’s not how an operating system should work and I certainly don’t think it’s acceptable if I just told my real estate assessors that “oh we just lost some data from the tax database, but don’t worry I will continue to investigate why data loss occurs”. I would be fired before you could say, “oh Hell no”.

    I realize that the asset database is large and massive. So is the US Social Security database. For the last 18 years they’ve been able to keep records of my yearly salary and payments without losing a penny and I know this as a fact since they mail me every year a little summary and I check from year to year. My grandfather has a social security number issued the day they were issued and until the day he died (in his 80s) they sure didn’t lose a penny of salary he made and they didn’t have computers back in the late 30s.

    While it may be unfair to compare that database to the asset database I still think it is completely unacceptable to lose inventory at the frequency residents do. PERIOD.

    (Which matches your "DON'T LET LINDEN LAB WATCH YOUR KIDS!)

  2. Panic attack! Panic attack! Ages ago I lost my "toy folder" - with all the cool toys I'd collected: vehicles (my pennyfarthing bicycle!), weapons, just cool stuff. As soon as I've published this, I'm going in and check my inventory. So sorry for your loss!



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