Monday, February 13, 2012

I filled out that survey they sent.

Just this past week, The Lab sent out a survey to Linden Home owners that they said was going to be used to "make the Premium offering even better!" (hahahahaha!)  So, I filled it out and whenever there was a box for write-in comments, I typed and typed until I could type no more. I'm full of ideas. We'll see if anything ever comes of it. 

One of the multiple choice questions was "What do you do with your Premium Home?" They only had a few choices and I can only remember a couple of them - like using it as your primary home or using it as a place to open boxes. But, they totally missed my four favorite uses for my Linden Home, which are: 1) using it as the SL Bloggers Group headquarters, 2) RPing that my house has been robbed of all possessions (because it's almost empty with only 117 prims allowed - get it?), 3)  pretending it's a very low altitude skybox, and 4) standing inside while I fill out surveys.

By the way, the mesh sweat shorts that I'm wearing in this picture taken out front of my Linden Home? They're from [IREN] and I got them at the Back to Black event that I blogged the other day. Tragically, just as I'd feared, there was no fatpack. Also, it's a good thing they're so comfy because I'm still stinging from the realization that I only fit into the large size. (I guess it's all the rich prim food I eat. Since it's all basically made of plywood, it's nothing but carbs.)  

And I totally thought I would be the only person to blog the bear dress from Back to Black because, well, it's a dress with bears stuck to it. But I wasn't! Emerald Wynn also blogged it - which just confirms my excellent taste in bear dresses. She, however, had the good sense to cover her nipples.

*I paid for the sweat shorts ($149L) - no review copies were harmed in the making of this post.


  1. I hope that was L$, not real $ that you paid for those sweat shorts.

    1. Of course! I would pay $149USD even for *real* sweat shorts!

  2. Really! A big free house and a minuscule prim limit. That Linden home is almost worthless. I don't even go there anymore - unless all my other locations are in restart mode (which HAD happened). That "survey" only made me mad again.



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