Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Opposite of What I Do

Adorkable Peadpod suggested a blog challenge on Plurk (Don't add me!)* a while back that involved blogging in a style opposite to the way you normally blog. 

I have no idea what the opposite of my blogging style would be. It has seriously taken me more than two weeks to think of anything at all. That level of procrastination is definitely not the opposite of my natural instincts. Phooey.

I could blog while dressed as a man, but I did that recently Blog as a tiny? Did it - as a piggy, so in a sense, I even have furry blogging covered. As a Fashionista? Did it.. As a Gorean? Sadly, I've done that before, too, and I do not wish to revisit that extremely poor decision. 

So, in the end I can only take an upside down picture and encourage you to wear facelights. Big bright ones. Wear a set of 10 or 12 lights even though only 6 lights can be rendered at a time. You look so pretty when my eyes are watering from the glare. You know how much I love facelights! 

*See what I did there?

I should also beg you not to give my poem a Kudo on the last day of the 'alleged' LL Love Me poetry contest. And by 'alleged', I mean I am not sure if LL remembers that it's holding a contest. . 

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