Monday, April 16, 2012

ALERT! Impostor!

Hi - This is a quick post to warn people about an avatar named cca helix / Abbey Wixson

Apparently, this person has been approaching creators and store owners and telling them that she is my alt or is associated with this blog and she is demanding freebies and review copies. She is telling lies - I do not use alts and I do not ask for review copies/freebies. My "review policy" is right there on my sidebar! No one else besides me writes on this blog (except for once when Jerremy Darwin did a guest post). If this person contacts you, please do not believe her and do not give her freebies or review copies. 

I have reported her to Linden Lab twice already for 'Harassment - defaming individuals' because she is harming my reputation as a blogger. 


  1. Is she hot? I mean, how dare she!

    But I know how you feel, I remember back in the day at one point I was convinced EVERYONE was actually an alt of Wrath Paine - except sadly no freebies were involved.

  2. She is probably not as hot as you, Wrath.



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