Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finding Foodstuffs

My constant hunt for adorable and delicious prim food has become more specific now - it's a hunt for mesh foods. Current research studies (my own) show that mesh foods are low in both carbohydrates and Land Impact (LI) values. And since I am currently residing in my LI-stingy Linden Home, I need all the low LI stuff I can get my hands on. (The terms 'LI' or 'Land Impact' don't quite roll off the tongue, do they? And PE? No - that's gym class. Can't we go back to saying prims? Sigh.)

During today's grocery search, I found this free set of table accessories at Incredible Edibles. So now, if you come over to my house you don't have to eat with your hands. While I was there, I also bought a few things including place settings, a TV tray, and an apron. They didn't have much in the way of "display food" that I can leave around to make the kitchen look lived in, but if you're up for a full meal, they have you covered. 
This can't be the only mesh food place around can it? To be honest, I've found a couple of mesh foodstuffs at random places like clothing stores and furniture shops. But, I need something more substantial to eat than fast food and cotton candy. 

I'll keep up my search because if it wasn't for my persistence, my avatar would starve or be forced to eat shoes out of her massive collection. 


  1. I'm slowly working on adding mesh to the menu to my other av's shop, Clover's Kitchen ( Until then, I do have a pretty decently low-prim selection of noms. Have a look. If ya want. Hope you like it.

    And you're right, "prim" just rolls of the tongue so much easier.

    1. YAY! Thank you for the tip! I will definitely check out your shop!



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