Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Full House

Look at this picture and then look back at me. Then, look at the picture again and then be amazed that I still have 26 prims to play with.

I managed to make fewer than 117 prims look like a comfy home. Yay for me, yay for mesh. 

We're only making due with this Linden Home until we find a really nice, new plot of sandy beach to buy/rent. My husband Jerremy is itching to throw prims all over the place. (And we want to host some elaborately decorated parties again.) 

Downstairs, I have a home office, a kitchen, dining room, and a  living room. (Please ignore the pose balls that I forgot to hide.) Upstairs, there's a bedroom, dressing area, and a bathroom. I did make one decorating compromise; the bathroom doesn't have a toilet. I'd spring for one, but we can just pee in the shower and save those prims for something else. 

I've blogged about my first apartment/condo in SL and how I first learned to set up a home with the 100 prims I was limited to. Years later? I've still got low land impact skillzzzzzz.


  1. That packing crate furniture is very cool. The rest is very nice too :)

    1. Thanks! That crate set is from floorplan http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Friday/233/11/2502.



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