Thursday, February 14, 2013

I didn't inhale.

The other day, I got to hang out with some friends - both old and new. It was a very relaxed atmosphere -- as you can see by the all of the marijuana particles floating through the air. 

My friend Haley couldn't see me because she's not a fan of mesh. I was just a bunch of blobs to her since I everything I has on was mesh. But, I was more than happy to explain just how adorable I actually looked. 

I used to feel like Haley, but I since coming back from my little SL break, I find myself much more comfortable with the tiny shape adjustments that allow me to wear mesh. (Also, I wrote down all of my original shape numbers on an index card and stored that in a fire-proof safe in my RL home as extra "shape insurance.") Since Haley's favorite color is green, I consider it my duty to find an amazing green mesh outfit and/or hair that will lure her over to mesh-acceptance. 

In the picture above, that's Haley on the top left in green, then, going counterclockwise, there's Orchid, me (in red), Marlee and Marlee's husband Silverthorne. DrFran joined us shortly after I took this picture and then the girls all posed for a Relay for Life (RFL) vendor picture. 

That's me on the far left. If you squint, you can sort of make out the rose crowns we're wearing in this behind-the-scenes picture. The crown is the item that will be sold in the RFL vendor. 

Now, off to search for beautiful GREEN things!

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