Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Top 8 Misconceptions about Second Life

Oh. Em. Gee. Is this one of those 'flying penises' I'm always hearing about?? recently published an article (5 Bizarre Ways Online Gaming is Affecting the Real World) in which SL was discussed. But sadly, the article featured some very old pictures (think 2007) and myths about the virtual, interactive world called Second Life. These misconceptions create a stigma that makes it very difficult for users to admit to RL friends, relatives and dates that SL is one of their hobbies. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to address some of those falsehoods here (You're welcome!):  

The Top 8 Misconceptions about Second Life

1: No one plays SL anymore. 
Wrong! But, there are only 32 of us. Long story short: it was late-2009; we were at a party; it got late; yadda, yadda, yadda; we got locked in. And they let us stay so long as we don't tell anyone.* Or ask to use the employee restroom.

2: SL is chock full of flying penises. 
Wait. Hmmmm. Well, no disputing that. Never mind.

3: SL is a game. 
SL is not a game at all. It's a brooch. It's a pterodactyl. It's a black hole for money and time. But, it's not a game.

4. There is nothing to do in Second Life. 
You know what my boss down at the Dairy Queen used to say when I worked there as a teen? "If you have time to lean, you have time to sort your inventory." Or something like that. I forget. It's been a long time.  

5. People who play Second Life don't have a First Life. 
Lies. Not only do I have a wonderful First Life, I enjoy a Third Life as a spoof Twitter account and a Fourth Life as the person I want everyone to think I am on FaceBook.    

6. Linden Lab does not have a decent marketing or PR department. 
This is also incorrect. I have it on good authority that the LL marketing and PR staffs are full of competent, highly skilled, and professional people. They have just been kept bound and gagged in the basement of the Battery Street building since late-2008. (They are, however, permitted to use the employee washrooms.) 

7. $10L was an over-hyped, insulting 2013 Valentine's Day gift to receive from Linden Lab.
This is incorrect. It was an over-hyped, insulting census of active accounts. Which reminds me, it's almost my Mom's birthday and I need to get her a census of active accounts.   

8. All SL female avatars are actually Real Life men. 
Wrong again. All RL men are actually SL Avatars. (Did I just blow your mind??)  

I hope this helps everyone out there who was formerly confused as to the true nature of Second Life. I, for one, will now feel free to go out - without shame or reservation  - and tell all of my friends and family that "YES! I play.... Call of Duty!" 



  1. Have I mentioned how glad I am you are blogging again?

    1. AWWWWW! Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. ((hugs))

  2. I must disagree with no.7. I think LL thought they'd make some money on us, by sending us a partnership fee on VDay. Cause the divorce is more expensive and we'd end up paying more than we got :)))

  3. Great post. Glad you're blogging again.

  4. should come to my comedy show (Tuesday 5pm SLT on sim Cookie) since I'll be using a couple of your ideas. (Will attribute them to you.) Also glad to see you blogging again

    1. I'll be there! I'm so flattered! Thank you!!! <3

  5. Hey remember the time we went to that club and that one girl we both went after turned out to be 12 FBI agents?



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