Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adventures in Mesh

So, there was this blouse. A very pretty, cap sleeve, mesh blouse. A blouse I couldn't stop thinking about. Always the sensible person, I tried the demo. Ugh! the shoulders didn't fit quite right. (But ZOMG look at how good it makes my boobs look!) 
I decided not to buy it. But, I kept thinking about how cute it was. I went back to the store and stared at it again. Then, I stormed out of the store cursing under my breath (read: TPd back home angrily). I repeated this about 5 more times before succumbing and just buying the blouse and resolving to make it work no matter what I had to do to my shape. 
I fussed and fussed with my shape but ended up looking like I needed to be hooked up to an IV.:  
Although my boobs still look amazing, I don't look terribly healthy otherwise. And my spindly, little arms make my hands look like shovels in comparison.   
I gathered my courage and IMd the creator - I sheepishly explained that, despite having tried the demo and having troubles, I still went ahead and bought the blouse because I loved it so much. I asked her for a new alpha layer and she very graciously sent me a new one.

But alas, I still have issues. I am not sure what to adjust on my shape to make this blouse work. If you have ideas, please let me know. I'd truly appreciate it - because I really want to wear this blouse!

UPDATE: In the comments, blogger Luna Jubilee pointed me to a post she wrote in which she finds a fix to this issue with mesh shirts. I tried her tips and broadened my shoulders (very counter-intuitive) along with reducing my torso muscles and my issue is fixed! The tops fits perfectly and I still look like me! Thank you so much, Luna!


  1. heyas!

    I had this very issue when mesh first came out. I did a tutorial on my blog on how to better fit mesh without changing your overall appearance:

    Hope that helps! <3

    1. Thank you, Luna! I will check that out!!!

    2. That fixed my issue!! Thank you soooo much, Luna!!!! <3

    3. I really love your... blouse honey

  2. I know I'm setting myself up for mesh hell, but I kind of want to know where that shirt is from...

    1. It's from Wertina. I have the landmark in-world and I'll send it to you if you want. Alicia Chenaux said she had no troubles fitting it when she tried the demo - so maybe I just have a wonky shape. It'll make your boobs look AMAZING!



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