Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hunts Are Very Expensive

I now have definitive proof that prize hunts increase sales. Proof: I just spent $1,500 Lindens on a fatpack of chairs that I don't even need while doing The Nest's Easter egg hunt. 

Of course, I only bought them because they come with a set of matching mini-chairs. So, hmmm. I guess what I really have is proof that if you are a creator participating in a hunt and add miniature chairs to your products, you will increase your sales from me

I've written before about my RL collection of miniature chairs and how it has crossed over into SL. (My husband Jerremy even made me a set himself as a present for our first wedding anniversary.) I'm kind of excited with the state of my virtual collection at the moment. And yes, I realize that now, with mesh, nearly any item can be shrunken down to a teeny, tiny size. That takes some of the thrill out of collecting miniatures, but I still really dig finding chairs that are made tiny on purpose. 

In other news... How can I still be looking for eggs in this !&%$#@ hunt?? I checked and I am still missing two eggs: one from LAME and one from floorplan. I've been at this for what feels like years. At this point, I know The Nest sim better then I know my own home. Obviously, I am a terrible, terrible hunter and should stick to shopping. 

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