Friday, March 15, 2013

Meanwhile, at The Arcade...

ZOMG! Look! That blonde lady with no pants got two rares! I wonder if she'll sell them? I need to ask her which machine she got them from.

Anyhoo, as you can also see from the picture above, I finally got into The Arcade Gatcha (vending machine) event officially. (I had been shopping it by camming in from the next sim and by hitting yard sales.) Since I am a Prim Food Aficionado (It's true - check my SL Profile.), I've been quite sad at how stingy a certain gatcha machine is with giving out the Tee*fy rare cotton candy maker. I need it for parties. Desperately.   

This is the Sparkle Skye yard sale area. The table looks different now, though. I've added a few of the *BOOM* Nature's Crown headpieces after I took this picture. I know you want one ... or two.  
I still have a few extra items for sale at a yard sale hosted by Sparkle Skye Designs. I'll make deals if you want to buy/trade for things! The few rare items I had have already sold, though, so I have nothing fancy to trade. Maybe I'll trade someone an interview on my blog for a good item? Hey - that's worth something, maybe?*

*Yes, it is in fact worth something. Because, not only do I still have the highest monkey-to-post ratio of any other SL blog, I recently found out that I am on #10 on a list of the Top 10 Influential SL blogs

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