Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Hate to Burst Your Bubble*

My husband Jerremy recently told me that he's decided it's time to get a new bubble blower. As shocked as I was, I knew this was coming. He's had his favorite bubble blowing gun since around the time we first met back in 2007. I remember him IMing me right after he first purchased it - he was sitting in a hot tub as he thumbed through the instruction manual. (True story! And I found it very charming in the way that creepy SL things are charming when you're in love.) 
I've since been reminiscing about all of the fun we've had using Jerremy's bubble blower. We decided to mount all of his old bubble blowers above the fireplace. 

As nice as those memories are, I look forward making new ones. I'm excited to see the detailed textures that mesh bubble blowing guns have these days. Maybe Jerremy will find one with fancy, new, texture-change features so we can try blowing bubbles in different colors or one with three barrels for shooting out three times more  bubbles! 

If he finds one that he likes a lot, I'll probably end up needing to get a new  bubble blower because I'll wear mine out trying to keep up with him!

*Be sure to highlight the text to see the "uncensored" version of the post. 


  1. LOL! I love it! I used to joke that I used a friend's _________ to prop open the window. Fill in the blank :D



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