Friday, May 17, 2013

The SLawshank Redemption: My Guilty Confessions

Help. I need an internet lawyer.

I did Strawberry Singh's SL Guilty Confessions meme (Share your top second life guilty confessions.) and, now, I'm in Second Life jail. Here are the charges:
  • Conspiracy to make myself seem cooler than I really am by using the phrase "...when I was an SL model..." once too often.
  • Criminal Mischief for flying in sims with flying disabled. 
  • Contributing to the Delinquency of an Avatar for showing others how to override no-fly zones.
  • Perjury for telling people that I was "The Face of Lesbian SexGen" after posing for a couple of ads back when I was an SL model.
  • A bajillion counts of Lewd Conduct for hoping onto pose balls with my husband Jerremy. 
  • Fraud for faking a crash once to get out of an awkward conversation. 
  • Indecent Exposure for accidentally TPing naked into General rated sims. 
  • Loitering for not moving away from a landing spot at a crowded event quickly enough that time  my RL toaster caught on fire. 
  • Trespassing for cam shopping events before they open.
  • Espionage for discussing hunt item locations. 
  • Public intoxication on happiness whenever I find cute food items or miniature chairs for sale.  
  • Littering for accidentally moving furniture and other items a million meters off sim and then losing them completely while when trying to rearrange them in my house. 
  • Smuggling too many scripts and/or attachments into a fair.
  • Arson for making my avatar smoking hot.
But, it's all just a big misunderstanding! I was just kidding! It was entrapment! There are no very few witnesses! I'm mostly innocent! 

Except for the arson. For that, I am guilty as charged.
Please visit me? 


  1. LOL OMG I laughed so hard! Also I am totally guilty of all these things too. I guess I'll be moving in next door.



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