Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Breaking SL10B News! Summer blockbuster machinima on fire!

Good evening! I'm Tymmerie Thorne reporting live from Immaculate Perception Trailer Park at SL10B where alien robots are running amok.

Earlier, while interviewing comedian, writer, and machinimatographer Catboy Qunhua about the soon-to-be-released machinima, Flying Saucers From Outer Space, we witnessed a large explosion. The fire and destruction didn't seem to surprise or upset anyone except for me. But, sources at the scene tell me that Mr. Qunhua's dress may have desensitized them to loud flashes of color and light.  

The flaming exhibit features a replica of the machinima set which was built to look just like the real virtual Immaculate Perception Trailer park. Luckily, the destruction is not expected to affect Flying Saucers From Outer Space's July release date. So far, authorities don't have an estimate for the damage to the the smoldering trailer park, but the laundromat appears to be a total loss.   

If you'd like to help the residents of Immaculate Perception Trailer Park through this crisis, stop by pick up some information about joining their comedy writing team. 

The fire is still burning at this hour, since the SL First Responders exhibit is on a completely different sim of the festival. (Also, the First Responders are sort of busy since it appears that a tornadopipelinefireearthquakerainstorm is happening at their SL10B parcel.) 

This reporter wonders if robot violence in this SL10B sim is encouraged by the FREE martian ray guns available at the exhibit. Personally, I feel that having weapons freely available sends aliens the messages that blowing things up is OK by us and we don't care if our laundromats have holes in them. But, I don't want to editorialize. 

I'm Tymmerie Thorne for SL10B News. Back to you in the studio.

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