Thursday, June 13, 2013

Movie Poster Meme: Wreck-it Ruth

Strawberry Singh came up with a really fun challenge - to recreate a movie poster in SL! You can see a lot of the movie posters on Flickr or in-world at the LEA sims.

I chose the Disney animated movie Wreck-It Ralph because the movie was super cute and I really loved the character of Vanellope von Schweetz. I was planning on dressing like her for Halloween in RL, but Halloween is a long way off and making my avatar look like her will tide me over until then. That is actual prim licorice as my hair bow!

It was hard to find a poster with a prominent image of Vanellope, so I took the picture above to show off my Vanellope outfit. I wanted to find a Sugar Rush-like place to take it, but... well, let's just say that searching the words 'candy' and 'sugar' with adult search enabled was educational.

Bear in mind- I am in no way, shape, or form a graphic designer or artist. But, still I think it turned out not so bad! 

The picture above was fun to set up. Since I thought it would be very meta to have a cartoon game movie poster parodied inside of a cartoon game, I wanted to have as much of this as possible be from SL and not Photoshopped. So, I built the mock game console in my sky workshop/photography studio. 

I took the picture for the background of the game screen in Kama City in Zindra, where I remembered I had seen a breezeway that looked a little like the "subway terminal" place in the movie poster. (Exploring the adult sims so often when they were first established paid off!) At first, I was going to try to take the picture in the actual breezeway, but you can't rez there and I thought it might be too difficult to attach all of the prim noobs to myself, try to pose, and take the pictures. I also made prim overalls for my noob Ralph as well as a hat and hammer for my noob Fix-it Felix. Noob Felix is wearing a very old prim tool belt that I found in my costume folder.   

When I was searching for movie posters, I also found an image that inspired the picture below. It seems to be part of a DVD or game cover rather than a movie poster, but it worked for a closer view of Vanellope. 

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  1. Ok first of all, you look totally adorable in that outfit, and second of all, I am amazed at all the work you put into this. You did an amazing job, especially considering you didn't photoshop. Absolutely loving it! <3



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