Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Breaking SL10B News: Sims open until June 29!

Good evening! I'm Tymmerie Thorne reporting live from the Time Capsule at SL10B where we spotted founder and former Linden Lab CEO, Philip Linden! (I think it's him. Was he always so ...so... primmy?) We asked him to take a break from manning the exhibit and speak with us about the birthday festivities. 

Reporter: The theme for this year's birthday celebration is 'Looking forward, looking back' - what does that mean to you?

Prim Philip: Is it 'Looking Forward, Looking Back' or 'Looking Back, Looking Forward'?   

Reporter: Hmmmm... I keep getting them mixed up. 

Prim Philip: Me, too. I get confused because if you look back after looking forward, you have to look forward again to get anywhere without tripping, But if you look back, then look forward, you should look back again to make sure nothing from back there is sneaking up on you.

Reporter: My producer is telling me it's forward first, then back.

Prim Philip: I tried to get them to make the theme 'Look left, look right, and then left again.'

Reporter: ummm... that's how you're supposed to cross the street. 

Prim Philip: Oh. I knew I had heard that before somewhere. Anyhoo, what 'Looking Forward, Looking Back' means to me is that we need to turn around. Maybe even walk backward everywhere. 

Reporter: ummmm...

Prim Philip: Originally, I wanted to make the first avatars walk backward so that users could see their faces all the time instead of staring at their backs.

Reporter: That would be weird.

Prim Philip: Just because you aren't used to it. Is flying weird to you?

Reporter: Well, no. I love flying. I fly everywhere.

Prim Philip: You would have loved backward walking your avatar all over the grid. 

Reporter: I'll take your word for it. Do you have any thoughts on next year's birthday theme?

Prim Philip: I like the theme of 'Just go! Don't look! Definitely do not look back at some things. Maybe forget they ever happened. We're cool, right?'

Reporter: That's kind of long for an event theme. 

Prim Philip: I know. I've suggested it every year since 2009. sigh

Reporter: Before we leave you, do you have any advice for current and future residents of SL? 

Prim Philip: Never, ever admit to anyone that you are in Second Life. I did that once and regretted it.

Reporter: Why? What happened?

Prim Philip: All the other CEOs would taunt me with, "You must not have a first life if you have to be a CEO of Second Life!"or they would purposely say Linden Labs instead of Linden Lab. It was awful.  

Reporter: I can imagine. Thank you for talking with us today, Prim Philip! This is Tymmerie Thorne for SL10B News reminding you that the SL10B sims are open to visitors until June 29th! Back to you in the studio!

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