Friday, June 7, 2013

The Glasses Half Full

There's an epidemic of SLurping sounds in SL. So rude.

I noticed this noise while shopping a couple of weeks ago, but I only just figured out what was causing it: drink pouches! Alcoholic, Capri Sun-style drink pouches: the craze that's sweeping the land!

But now I am part of the problem. I got the ones in these pictures at the GALA gacha event. I just wanted to get a couple of them, but then I got a rare. And then, I had to have all of them! Sigh. I'm selling my extras at the Garbanzo yard sale. (By the way, I also have some of the rare snorkel goggles and other assorted items for sale at that yard sale.)

I'm selling a variety of the cocktail packets, including both beer pouches that I got. I don't want the beer ones because beer makes people gassy. And who (besides a misguided teenaged me) would ever drink beer through a straw?

You should be rudely SLurping along with me. I have a large personal collection of these cocktail pouches now, and they're not going to waste. I don't want to be the only SLurper.
It drives me nuts that mouth accessories like this drink pouch don't include an animation to hold the drink. How does the drink not slip off of the straw and fall to the ground? I improvised (awkwardly) with a random pose. 

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