Friday, October 11, 2013

Just a Flesh Wound

Don't be alarmed! This looks much worse than it actually is. I have plenty of blood and I didn't even get any on my new shoes.  

Emergency medical care in SL can be a risky proposition. So, it's a darn good thing that I have Obamavatarcare! I was able to get the health care I needed, even though I have a pre-existing condition - which for many insurance companies means simply that I existed before I wanted to get insurance. Sadly, the gnomes only had Gnobamacare. Which is exactly what it sounds like. (I would have expected that a successful online travel agency would be able to provide better health benefits to its employees. Shameful, really.)

This happened at Botanica's Haunted Cornfield Maze, where I was continuing my quest to own the most "free" Halloween items on the grid. I used quotes around the word free because I joined the Botanica VIP group in order to get the upgraded VIP prizes- not the riff-raffy regular prizes. Bear in mind that the VIP group will not save you from several horrifying fates like the one pictured.

I chose a flying broom as my grand prize for completing the maze - because that meant I didn't have to walk to the ER. 

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