Thursday, November 14, 2013

Every day of the year?

Once upon a time, the people in the Land of Plurk wanted something interesting to do. So, the Fairy of Killing Time on the Web showed them a site where you can have people submit anonymous questions for you to answer. All the people signed up and started sharing the codes the site assigned to them so that people could ask them anonymous things. Questions were asked and answers were shared. And the people rejoiced... until they got bored again and went back to sharing pictures of cats. And they lived happily ever so far since then. 

I probably wouldn't bother telling you all of this, except that when I signed up for the anonymous question thingy, the code they assigned to me to receive messages turned out to be 69365. I kid you not. 69. 365. How can I waste a number like that? Therefore, if there is anything you want to ask me anonymously, use 69365. The site will send your questions to my email. If I get some interesting ones, maybe I'll put together a little advice post. 

Hair - =DeLa*=, Amanda"; Shirt - RezIpsa Loc, beige Turkey Patch-Work T; Shorts -  (fd) Fashionably Dead, scallop shorts; Shoes - Tres Blah, saddle shoes, brown floral

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