Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Full House

Look at this picture and then look back at me. Then, look at the picture again and then be amazed that I still have 26 prims to play with.

I managed to make fewer than 117 prims look like a comfy home. Yay for me, yay for mesh. 

We're only making due with this Linden Home until we find a really nice, new plot of sandy beach to buy/rent. My husband Jerremy is itching to throw prims all over the place. (And we want to host some elaborately decorated parties again.) 

Downstairs, I have a home office, a kitchen, dining room, and a  living room. (Please ignore the pose balls that I forgot to hide.) Upstairs, there's a bedroom, dressing area, and a bathroom. I did make one decorating compromise; the bathroom doesn't have a toilet. I'd spring for one, but we can just pee in the shower and save those prims for something else. 

I've blogged about my first apartment/condo in SL and how I first learned to set up a home with the 100 prims I was limited to. Years later? I've still got low land impact skillzzzzzz.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Finding Foodstuffs

My constant hunt for adorable and delicious prim food has become more specific now - it's a hunt for mesh foods. Current research studies (my own) show that mesh foods are low in both carbohydrates and Land Impact (LI) values. And since I am currently residing in my LI-stingy Linden Home, I need all the low LI stuff I can get my hands on. (The terms 'LI' or 'Land Impact' don't quite roll off the tongue, do they? And PE? No - that's gym class. Can't we go back to saying prims? Sigh.)

During today's grocery search, I found this free set of table accessories at Incredible Edibles. So now, if you come over to my house you don't have to eat with your hands. While I was there, I also bought a few things including place settings, a TV tray, and an apron. They didn't have much in the way of "display food" that I can leave around to make the kitchen look lived in, but if you're up for a full meal, they have you covered. 
This can't be the only mesh food place around can it? To be honest, I've found a couple of mesh foodstuffs at random places like clothing stores and furniture shops. But, I need something more substantial to eat than fast food and cotton candy. 

I'll keep up my search because if it wasn't for my persistence, my avatar would starve or be forced to eat shoes out of her massive collection. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Late to the Show

Fine. I know that I am late to the party on some SL things since coming back form my break. But bear with me for just a bit longer until I get caught up. I only just now had a chance to visit the LEA Arts Festival! 

These pictures are a bit of a 'Where's Waldo' - all because I wore a printed dress to go explore LEAWhen we visited the LEA exhibits last night, we were just racing around mazes on scooters while "exploring mental illness" (??) so I didn't think it would matter what I wore tonight. 

I've been exploring LEA  over several nights with friends, and this exhibit (Ce N'est Pas Une Peinture) is by far my favorite. It's my fav not only because it is total brain candy, but because I've rubbed virtual elbows with avatar, Gracie Kendall, and the artist behind her, Kristine Schomaker, through Plurk! (Add me!

I love that second photo enough to consider having it printed out onto a canvas and putting it up in my office. I like the pop-art feel that it has. It made me think that this sim might be a very cool setting for some artsy, nude photos. But, of course, I would never, ever in a million years do that. Nor would I encourage you to do something like that and share the pictures with us on a blog or something. But, if you accidentally teleported into the sim naked and then just happened to fall onto the snapshot button, I couldn't stop you.   

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Top 8 Misconceptions about Second Life

Oh. Em. Gee. Is this one of those 'flying penises' I'm always hearing about??
Cracked.com recently published an article (5 Bizarre Ways Online Gaming is Affecting the Real World) in which SL was discussed. But sadly, the article featured some very old pictures (think 2007) and myths about the virtual, interactive world called Second Life. These misconceptions create a stigma that makes it very difficult for users to admit to RL friends, relatives and Cupid.com dates that SL is one of their hobbies. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to address some of those falsehoods here (You're welcome!):  

The Top 8 Misconceptions about Second Life

1: No one plays SL anymore. 
Wrong! But, there are only 32 of us. Long story short: it was late-2009; we were at a party; it got late; yadda, yadda, yadda; we got locked in. And they let us stay so long as we don't tell anyone.* Or ask to use the employee restroom.

2: SL is chock full of flying penises. 
Wait. Hmmmm. Well, no disputing that. Never mind.

3: SL is a game. 
SL is not a game at all. It's a brooch. It's a pterodactyl. It's a black hole for money and time. But, it's not a game.

4. There is nothing to do in Second Life. 
You know what my boss down at the Dairy Queen used to say when I worked there as a teen? "If you have time to lean, you have time to sort your inventory." Or something like that. I forget. It's been a long time.  

5. People who play Second Life don't have a First Life. 
Lies. Not only do I have a wonderful First Life, I enjoy a Third Life as a spoof Twitter account and a Fourth Life as the person I want everyone to think I am on FaceBook.    

6. Linden Lab does not have a decent marketing or PR department. 
This is also incorrect. I have it on good authority that the LL marketing and PR staffs are full of competent, highly skilled, and professional people. They have just been kept bound and gagged in the basement of the Battery Street building since late-2008. (They are, however, permitted to use the employee washrooms.) 

7. $10L was an over-hyped, insulting 2013 Valentine's Day gift to receive from Linden Lab.
This is incorrect. It was an over-hyped, insulting census of active accounts. Which reminds me, it's almost my Mom's birthday and I need to get her a census of active accounts.   

8. All SL female avatars are actually Real Life men. 
Wrong again. All RL men are actually SL Avatars. (Did I just blow your mind??)  

I hope this helps everyone out there who was formerly confused as to the true nature of Second Life. I, for one, will now feel free to go out - without shame or reservation  - and tell all of my friends and family that "YES! I play.... Call of Duty!" 


Saturday, February 16, 2013

We did the Harlem Shake in Second Life.

That's me in the yellow rubber boots doing the Tootsie Roll. 
Bouncer Criss - blogger and all around talented guy - put together a machinema of a bunch of SLifers (including yours truly) doing the Harlem Shake. See the Second Life version of the craze that's sweeping the land HERE! It's quite good, if I do say so myself. (If you're not familiar with the meme, here is some background.) Thank you for putting this together, Bouncer!!

I've included pictures of the spontaneous after-party that we had at the Pixel Bean Coffee House. We stayed in our costumes from the second half of the video. Anubis Darkwatch DJ'd. I wish I could have gotten more of us in the photos, but there were lots of us generating lots of lag and we eventually crashed the sim - so I am lucky to have been able to take these.

This sort of stuff? Is why I adore SL.
One of my friends, Eva Bonner, is behind me in the pop can rollers, preggo belly, and pink hot pants. You have to check out her moves during the video - she was hysterical to watch.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I didn't inhale.

The other day, I got to hang out with some friends - both old and new. It was a very relaxed atmosphere -- as you can see by the all of the marijuana particles floating through the air. 

My friend Haley couldn't see me because she's not a fan of mesh. I was just a bunch of blobs to her since I everything I has on was mesh. But, I was more than happy to explain just how adorable I actually looked. 

I used to feel like Haley, but I since coming back from my little SL break, I find myself much more comfortable with the tiny shape adjustments that allow me to wear mesh. (Also, I wrote down all of my original shape numbers on an index card and stored that in a fire-proof safe in my RL home as extra "shape insurance.") Since Haley's favorite color is green, I consider it my duty to find an amazing green mesh outfit and/or hair that will lure her over to mesh-acceptance. 

In the picture above, that's Haley on the top left in green, then, going counterclockwise, there's Orchid, me (in red), Marlee and Marlee's husband Silverthorne. DrFran joined us shortly after I took this picture and then the girls all posed for a Relay for Life (RFL) vendor picture. 

That's me on the far left. If you squint, you can sort of make out the rose crowns we're wearing in this behind-the-scenes picture. The crown is the item that will be sold in the RFL vendor. 

Now, off to search for beautiful GREEN things!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Blown Away

This is me (on the left) exploring the LEA Arts Festival. This is the *Cica* exhibit, which you have all seen by now since there is a picture of it in the Destination Guide as you log in.

By the way, am I missing something? Isn't it possible to click on a destination on the log-in screen and log in at that place? I clicked this destination like a crazy person but couldn't manage to log in there. I'm sure that if I had clicked some adult hub by accident, I would have TD'd there without any problems, though. 

I'm not sure why I haven't seen three billion fashion blog posts with pictures taken here yet. Since there is nothing a fashion blogger loves more than a black and white sim that goes with every outfit, I am thrilled that I beat the rush (?).

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dazzle with a Raffle

Pretend that it isn't almost Valentine's/Mardi Gras/Lent and that we are still talking about New Year's resolutions. My only RL resolution was to wear more accessories -- something at which I have been wildly successful so far. I have several SL New Year's Resolutions for 2013. In SL, I am trying to stick to a $Linden budget, use voice more often, and to wear more accessories. 

As for that last one, I'm getting a good start with the necklace I'm wearing in the picture above. I got it at Maxi Gossamer for $299 Lindens. Bonus: the creator is making and selling them in RL, too, and, she is raffling off a RL sterling silver version to people who buy this the SL version of the Valentine's Forget-Me-Not Flower Heart necklace. Buy one in-world and you'll be entered in a raffle to win - and then you can make your avatar dress just like you! *adjusts the strapless, red dress that I wear for Sunday morning computer time*

I just love the convergence of virtual and real in this contest so I *had* to tell you about it. And, in the event that I win, it's a chance for me to kill two resolution birds with one stone. The drawing is on February 15th, so you only have until then to buy the SL necklace and be entered into the raffle. So... RUN!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The second C is silent.

Who has two thumbs and accidentally clicks on the first place under 'What's Hot Now' in the Destination Guide? This girl. That's how I ended up in Adult Hub Central tonight. Really. 

It is 'under reconstruction', apparently, which explains why they had much nicer furniture there than I expect at most Adult themed places. And they had bundt cake. That's pretty classy, if you ask me. (However, being Adult Hub, that icing looked a little suspicious so I didn't eat any.)

It turns out that Adult Hub Central wasn't such a bad place to end up, because I met Gazcc there. He came over said hi to me and we started chatting. I asked him how to pronounce his name, but we weren't using voice so all I know is that the second C is silent.

That's Gazcc sitting in the chair across from me. He said it was ok if I took a picture of us and used it on my blog. He wasn't happy about the chair making him slouch, so I think that he would appreciate it if I let you know that he has much better posture in person. Of course, shameful slouching is the ideal posture to adopt in most adult places in SL.

Gazcc proposed that we go into business together as professional party guests. So, if you are having a party soon and you want to make sure the place is hopping, let us know. I'm sure you will love our reasonable rates!  


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